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The Journal of Art Criticism at Barnard seeks submissions of art and art criticism for our fourth print edition, Negative Space. Can we decouple the two meanings of “negative” such that a negation can add value? How can an absence—either formal or theoretical— allow us to see what remains more clearly? Can a work be made more meaningful by omitting something? Conversely, how might a space itself be negative? How do spatial choices in an artwork elicit discomfort? We welcome submissions that respond to these questions, as well as any other contemporary art-related questions that the concept of “negative space” might raise for you.

Submissions for the 2019 edition of JAC are due January 21, 2019.
Online submissions are accepted and published year-round. Join our email list for updates.

Submission guidelines:
Please include your name, the title of your work, and your school + expected graduation date in the body of your email. You may submit multiple pieces, but include these details for each work. Specify if you are submitting for online or print; online submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.
All writers and artists must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at the time of their submission.
We request that all submissions are previously unpublished. If you would like to submit your work elsewhere after it is featured in JAC, please acknowledge our editors’ work by noting that JAC was the original place of publication.

All TEXTS should primarily address the work of a living or contemporary artist. Attach your writing as a Word document with Chicago citations. Our review process is anonymous; please do not include your name in the document. We prefer texts of 1000 – 3000 words, though we will consider texts of up to 4000 words. Please note that this is a peer-reviewed journal; we expect that authors will work with our editors before any writing is published.

Attach your ART as a jpg at 300dpi if it is image-based. Contact us for specifications for other media.

Email your submission to with the subject line Submission – [Title of Work]. Please email the same address with any questions.
We look forward to hearing from you!