JAC is the first undergraduate journal in print devoted to art criticism. Founded in New York at Barnard College during the fall of 2015, the journal is published annually to include critical writing and art centered around a contemporary theme. Connecting the ideas of students across institutions, the journal is also a network of young and established critics. While students create, review, and edit work for JAC, a group of alumni and professionals support production. We stock print copies in NY at Printed Matter, McNally Jackson, Bookculture (W. 112th St.), and the Barnard College Library, as well as in MA at MIT Press and Trident Booksellers. To have your work considered for publication in print or online, please submit your work.

Founding Editor Mira Dayal

Chief Editors Canada Choate, Sam Glick, Josephine Heston, Cheeyeon Park

Managing Editor Graham Johnson

Copy Editor Zoe Guttenplan

Design Director Rowanne Dean

Contributing Editors Amelia Ames, Sophie Fox, Jonah Goldman Kay, Mary Ma, Ava Ravich